Terms & Conditions:

1) Base charges will be pre-paid by customer before dumpster/roll off box delivery unless otherwise agreed in writing. Customer agrees to pay additional charges (if applicable) for unauthorized material in roll off box, fuel charges, container rental, over limit fees, heavy load fees and extra charges. These fees, unless otherwise agreed in writing, will be charged to the customer’s pre-payment method (i.e. credit card) or via invoice after all services performed. In the event of a breach of this agreement with 515 Dumpsters, LLC and the assignment of Customer account to a collection agency, Customer agrees to pay reasonable attorney fees and court costs.

2) 515 Dumpsters, LLC shall not be responsible for damage to Customer’s pavement or other surfaces or any route reasonably necessary to perform the services requested and required or damage to utilities, property, lawns, fences or shrubbery.

3) Customer warrants that the waste or material placed in the dumpster/roll off box will not contain any unacceptable, hazardous, toxic or radioactive wastes or substances as defined by federal, state and local law or regulation. If found in dumpster/roll off box, material will be returned to the customer and extra charges will be applied. Any cost associated, including but not limited to fees, fines, etc., for unauthorized materials will be billed to the Customer.

4) Customer acknowledges that it has the care, custody and responsibility for the dumpster/roll off box while on its premises. Customer will see that the dumpster/roll off box is loaded uniformly and material does not extend beyond the top and sides of box. 

Load Limits:
Box Size        Construction/Demo       Mixed Trash
 20 yards        3 tons/6,000 lbs          3 tons/ 6,000 lbs

Box Size        Construction/Demo       Mixed Trash
 15 yards        2 tons/4,000 lbs          2 tons/ 4,000 lbs

5) Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Company from and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property, or injury or death of person or persons resulting from or arising in any manner out of Customer’s use, placement or possession of equipment furnished under this Agreement and pay all costs and expense, including reasonable attorney’s fees, incurred by Company in connection with such claims. The Company shall not be liable for its failure to perform hereunder due to contingencies beyond it reasonable control including but not limited to strikes, fires, weather, equipment breakdown or acts of God.

6) We deliver dumpsters within a 15 mile radius of Des Moines for no additional fee. Mileage fees for delivery outside of this area will be applied. Call us for more more information.

7) Customers will be charged a trip fee if 515 Dumpsters, LLC cannot deliver your dumpster for the following reasons:

• Any vehicles or materials are blocking access.
• There are low tree branches, low power lines, or the area is uneven or on an incline.
• Your dumpster is loaded over the sidewalls, is loaded with prohibited items or is loaded with extremely heavy materials (i.e. dirt, brick, stone, concrete, etc.) unless otherwise specified on your invoice.

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